They all convey the same meaning.
All except the Big Bang one have basically the same lyrics.

Wonder Girls


Super Junior H

Big Bang

Posted by: gomdorii | October 15, 2008

Eeteuk + Eunhyuk – We Got Married Cut (Eng. Sub)

Wow… -_- This took me a while to get up.
I’m getting slow.

Ugh… I just downloaded the DBSK’s Family Outing.
Want to watch but must sleep… ah… class tommorrow. (in a few hours)

It’s out.

I like Heaven but i don’t know how I feel about I Love You. >_>;
It didn’t match the basketball scene… at all…

With the makeup and their outfits…
I Love You is way too cheerful for that…

Jaejin ah~~ T-T!!!
Why do you have to die like that????????
You didn’t even confess to herrrrr.

Posted by: gomdorii | October 14, 2008

About Heechul + Hongki Daddy

I think I read somewhere that they are going to make this show a permanent show??
Does anybody know if it’s true??

If it is, I might continue subbing it.

Oh other news… I’ve been mostly updating my news page with star related news.
But I’m guessing people want more subbed videos than that right???

Is there anything in particular that anybody wants me to focus on?

Like someone showed me a bunch of Park Minyoung CFs which I was like ‘AH cute! Will sub~!’
Thus why you see like 10 Park Minyoung CFs on my youtube page.

Here is one:

Posted by: gomdorii | October 14, 2008

Antique Bakery Trailer (Eng. Sub)

Oh… gosh…

This is going to be epic… really.

Joo Jihoon… Kim Jaewook…

OMG I can see it now… kya~

Posted by: gomdorii | October 13, 2008

Rain – Love Story (Full Preview) (Eng. Sub)

I guess you can call it the full preview?

>_>; I have no idea really… but apparently it’s coming out next month.
We’ll see what happens…

Posted by: gomdorii | October 1, 2008

Rain – Love Story Teaser (Eng. Sub)

Wow. You can tell this is going to be good.
The song sound good and Ha Jiwon’s acting skills!
I can’t wait!!! ^^

Posted by: gomdorii | October 1, 2008

New blog~!!!

Everyone is probably like…
You haven’t even really posted on this one and you have another one?

Well… the other one is going to be for news articles that just come up that I think are special or important.
You can go to everyone else’s page for the real important articles…

But I will be translating straight from the article that I post the link of 😀
So… yeah… It’s not that much harder to type.

One more i (like my sekkrit youtube account… which is not so secret anymore lol.)

Posted by: gomdorii | September 28, 2008

Heechul + Hongki – To Become Good Daddies (Eng. Sub)

Heechul and Hongki were in a Chuseouk (추석) special where they were given a child to raise.

Part 1:

Posting them both on dailymotion and youtube.
Take your pick. (I’m frustrated with dailymotion because it loads WAY too slow.)
Part 1 will be youtube link and Part 2 will be the dailymotion link.
Whichever one you pick, just look under that account to find the other videos.

Part 2:

Remember to click Read More~

Read More…

Posted by: gomdorii | September 22, 2008

DBSK – Mirotic M/V (Eng. Sub)

Finally out.
Ah this was a little difficult. -_-

They sound kind of arrogant… I think… LOL
But it’s not like I love them any else but… EH. O_o;

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