Just your typical average fan…
Trying to bring more subbed videos for the masses.

btw … my name gomdorii  is Korean for teddy bear
That’s why it’s gomdorii’s den 😀



  1. hi..!i love all of your videos……
    i love kpop even more because of u and muish’s eng subs….
    thanks a lot….
    may i ask if u have a yahoo or msn id…?or aim..?thanks….

  2. Hey!

    Ecstatic to see you made a site. This will be a lot easier to see updates without fearing the worst on YT. Thanks in advance….your work is awesome!

  3. Hi ^^

    thank you for the subbed videos ^^

    I just want to ask you , where i can find Wonder Girls – Nobody MV in HQ but without Subtitle ? ^^

  4. celebrities should so thank you and muish for subbing their videos.. without the two of you (and your accurate and funny translations), they wouldn’t have so many international fans… what can i say? YOU’RE AWESOME! ^^

  5. Oh my gosh, I really wanna download some of your subbed videos but they’re not available. :[

    Thanks for uploading though…:]

  6. hello. are you aware that your name was used for a fake article?


    many people were disturbed by that article.

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