Posted by: gomdorii | December 24, 2008

We Got Married – Crown J ♥ Seo Inyoung Couple Cut

Ah the ant + witch couple~!!!
I mean I knew it was coming but… can’t believe they are leaving…
T-T Ah I’m going to miss themmmmmmm

Part 1:

Part 2:



  1. thanks for subbing ant couple part. i really enjoy watching their show and they never fail to make me laugh, cry, love and hate. lol thank you 😀

  2. nic e video, thanks
    are you good seo?

  3. thanks for sharing. merry christmas to y’all

  4. ogg omgg omgg omg i love uuuuuuuuuuu ! XD thank uu ! wahh! u rock dude! ekke xie xie xie xie xie xie !! wahh! XD i lvoe them & im soo happy u subb deir part yay ! <33333

  5. Great vids!!

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