Posted by: gomdorii | December 23, 2008

We Got Married- Episode 39 – Kangin ♥ Lee Yunji Couple Cut

This… took a part of my soul -___-
I stayed up all night subbing this LOLLLL
Ugh~ @___@

The kind of Chok – Kangin was talking about meant “Feeling” -_- sorry;;;

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:



  1. Thanks~
    but if u dont mind~ if u got time~ could u sub all of KangJi couple part??

    If u cant then thanks for this one ^^

  2. T_T (tears of joy)

    thank you sooo much!
    i wanted to watch this but scared that no one will sub it…
    Since eu sub it, I am so thankful for it!

  3. you’re absolutely wonderful<3 thank you so much for subbing this!! ~i hope the rest of your soul comes back in time of for the holidays! stay healthy 🙂

  4. wow thanks!
    i’m not a big fan of Suju but
    i was always captivated by Kangin..
    and a few others >.< hehe
    Happy Early Christmas ^^

  5. err… i am new here sorry if i did anything wrong but i just wanted to ask do you have DDL for we got married subbed ? or you only subbed it and upload to youtube ?

    cause i cant find links to dl WGM subbed. hope you upload for WGM fans like me to download. Many thanks

  6. Thank you… I really can’t believed that Kangin’s in WGM. Just when my love for it is waning off… XDDD

  7. thank you so much for subbing! i was going to stop watching wgm after hwangbo and HJ left but after watching ur subs of kangin on wgm, I’m definitely gonna keep watching! thank you again!

  8. @ nat, you can find DDLs on soompi’s WGM thread.

    gomdorii, you’re so amazing. thanks!!!

  9. thanks so much for uploaded and subbing!! if you’ve got time, will you continue uploaded them? Thanks so much!! =)

  10. Thank you so very much! I teared up a bit for that last part when the store owner gave them the rings. I really appreciate your hardwork!

  11. I really like this couple. Well, mainly it’s because I’m in love with lee yunji here. She’s very cute when she smiles and laugh. She kinda looks like youhna too.

    P.S. I think I love you

  12. Hi, gomdorii/ktinsj. Thanks for the subbed ep of KangIn debut episode in WGM. I love KangIn very much and did a recap/spaz post on my blog.
    Just wanted to credit you coz I was able to do that by watching your subbed cuts. Let me know if its not ok and I will remove the post.

    Thanks for the hardwork…

  13. Oops… my blog is

  14. i love you soo much, i’m like stalking your utube and blog now haha … no pressure though i don’t mind waiting at all! just wanted to show my support

    and btw, i fell in love with kangin and yunji from this episode alone. they are just the sweetest couple and i can relate so well haha (not to the marrying part) but the other stuff.

    seriously they are my fave couple

  15. Thank-you for subbing this! I never really watched WGM before but this just might get me hooked.

  16. u really such an angel..
    im watched dis show in korean..but its a bit difficult to understand..n u came with d english subs..jeongmal komawo^^
    im not so addicted to WGM..only watched some of d episodes before..but since kangin here..dude..i really dont wanna to miss even one episode..
    i dont mind waiting coz i know its really hard to subs..

  17. omg u are the best i love this couple so much they kinda bring back the feeling of we got married in my opinion ^^ its really nice of u to sub it thank you thank you
    can’t wait to see the next part to it ^^
    fighting!! you work realli hard
    good luck and will wait patiently wen you sub them ty

  18. uwa~thanks for subbing kangin’s we got married cuts ^^
    i hope u’ll sub more of their cuts 🙂

  19. I LOVE YOU GOMDORII!!!!!!!

  20. hye, thank you for subbing
    do you have a HQ download links for this?
    please give me if you do have,
    thank you thank you

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