Posted by: gomdorii | December 20, 2008

A bunch of new/old Wonder Girls videos (Eng. Sub)

Ootchasa – Oongie’s Father

Come Enjoy –
Fancam :
Official :

If Everybody Was An Angel

Golden Disk Nobody 5 Remix

Sunye + Jokwon – Just the Two of Us



  1. Hi, I ‘m thai wonderful. I am contributers
    of and
    alvin [coolsmurf] know me too.

    I want make thai sub and end sub
    [my new edit] from you translet. I will
    do new timing and sub. I to asking premission from you.

    I will insert you credit on vdo same these
    Eng Transletion : gomdorii or [if u premiss u told mewhich u want]

    first is ” Ootchasa – Oongie’s Father”

    PS: my eng so bad, hopy you can understand. ^_^

  2. one thing, if u ok after i finish . I will share on wgjjand and wondergirlsthailand.

  3. lol sure ^^ (sorry i took such a long time to reply -_-; )

  4. my mail :

    My nick name is M. Nice to meet you.

    Please drop your mail too.

    PS: I read your comment on my post
    fin. Thank for premisson. one question
    about eng sub [new edit] Can i do it?
    coz u comment just talk only thai sub.

    Sample credit, I use eng sum from

  5. is it possible to get the links for the original files instead of youtube links? I like to put them on disc and continuously replay on my dvd player…I don’t like youtube downloaded videos.

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