Posted by: gomdorii | December 5, 2008

Hey you guys.

Sorry I’m been M.I.A. for… the 3rd week now I think??
School has been keeping me busy and sickness (of all sorts) attacked me.
Now… I still have a slight cough but eh;; I’m living. >_>;;;

I feel bad because I just kind of upped and left without a word.

Thanks to those that were worried. <3!

I’ll get back into translating and subbing this weekend.



  1. yahoo you’re back^^
    thank you for still going to continue subbing:D

    GeT WeLL SoOn^__^

  2. Get well soon!!! We missed you these past few weeks. T.T But what’s more important is your health and the real world, ‘kay!? xD


  3. hope you’ll feel great real soon. XD
    take care!

  4. hahaha was waiting for the sub of suju stuffs.
    xD but hey i still can survive

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