Posted by: gomdorii | December 5, 2008

순정만화 Trailer (Pure Comic) (Eng. Sub)

Agh I’m so late but… yes…

>_< Can’t wait to watch it!!!
Not just for Kang but because the plot line looks really interesting.



  1. yay you’re back! i’m glad you’re well! or getting better! thanks so much for the subbed trailer! i totally can’t wait to see it too! it looks like a great romantic comedy! 😀

  2. wow, thanks a lot for the subs :’D I just undertood the half >_<
    but I think you got a typo, isn’t 스물아홉 29 instead of 28?

  3. I can’t wait to watch this! Kangin is so awesooooome. ❤

  4. is dis a movie??
    soryy idk
    wanna watch itt
    dat girl wif kangin is the one from coffee prince rite?

  5. i love yoo jitae in star’s lover.. can’t wait to see him in this movie.. kangin is awsome as usual.. impressive casts, cute story line, a must-watch for me:)

  6. eLlllllllllllllllllllllll
    are u gonna sub & upLoad this?
    im having WGM withrawal!!!!!

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