Posted by: gomdorii | October 20, 2008

Youngwoong Jaejoong’s girlfriend!!!


YES. Well… he currently doesn’t have one… (they are so busy. how the heck would any girl want to stay with someone that they can only see like once a month?) But in the past… omg…. it’s just…. OMG. I don’t know what to think.



No but at first, you’d think… no that’s not him. There are tons of people who look like that… BUT JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU HEAR HIS VOICE!!! OMFG! THAT IS KIM JAEJOONG!!!!!!!!! *dies*



  1. i found this a few weeks ago and i reacted exactly the same way! crazy isnt it??

  2. omg. ok i am severely disturbed.
    ah but i still love him anyway haha.
    still.. O.O

  3. OMG!!! i’m totally surprised!!!!

  4. Is this the girl who is older than him? but she doesn’t look so…hmm…

  5. it’s really cool how these interviews pick random people on the street then after few years that random person becomes part of the one of the biggest korean boybands.. ❤

    i’m loving how JJ holds his girls in the shoulders.
    what a lucky girl to have dated this hot guy once.
    *dies of envy*

    (his voice was the damn giveaway. he doesn’t look like JJ at all with that hairstyle.)

  6. *edit*
    i’m loving how JJ holds his GIRL in the shoulder.

    (got to excited with this vid i’m typing everything wrong. LOL.)

  7. I think he sort of looks the same. His girlfriend seems really sweet, she sort of pretty too. I’m glad he doesn’t pick those shallow girls, based on the looks.


  9. omgosh…where do u get this vid
    cant believe it’s him

  10. what are they saying? i heard the word pab. eating habits? annoying habits? something something? & she keeps looking away. so weird lol

  11. omg is that his girlfriend when did dis video ish taken but./…. is that his girlfriend 2008 huh……….

  12. oooh…

    such an extremely huge surprise…
    i thought she would be much prettier someway

  13. You never get togather with him
    WHy bother? You ugly fans…

  14. Cute Clip

  15. Some people said that girl is one of his many sister. Idk who to believe. But if that girl was Jaejoong’s gf, then she is one lucky girl.

  16. I don’t know. I just know it definitely wasn’t 2008, and not just ’cause of the hairstyle.. is it the height or camera angle? ahahaha

    Cute, whichever relationship it is they have. Mebbe just friends. How come that’s never a possibility?

  17. Writer are u saying jaejoong has a gf now?who is it?if the one on the youtube it was his exgf..

  18. This is Jaejoongie pre-debut right? Wahhh his voice cannot be mistaken! That is most definetley him and I wish I were that girl T_T

  19. tat’s joongie’s EX gf.before debut^^ not for now…no worries>.<

  20. what are they saying?

  21. its great that jj does not choose a girl to be his gf base on the look…she quite ok..but she need to lose her weight..but …its great also that jj still single rite now.huuhu

  22. Awww^^ I think the girl is really pretty^^

  23. is that so..???

    i just hope he always glad in his life..



    saranghae yongwonhi…

  24. .. waat? ? ? ! i envy dat ghurl !! but im hafi 4 jaejøøng .. i wi$h i was dat ghur| ..

  25. its cute ^^ well now she can say that she went out with DBSK’s Hero

  26. i cant believe it…

  27. reallY? HOw lucky she is.. awkakwkaw i can’t watch this video..i just can see JJ with his ugly hair and the girl and nothing else

  28. wo!!the gurlz was so cute…why i not couple with him too..i really jealous..saranghae oppa jaejoong..huhu..

  29. what the f*ck!!!! whos that fat girl?….i think jaejoong was blind and under wicked spell…..

  30. from what I know that girl is his sister not girlfriend but I’m not so sure

  31. omg!! i cant believe it!! but i cant watch the video coz its been removed.. T_T she is sooo lucky!! i envy her so damn much! is there another video of the both of them??

  32. nooooooooooooowayyyyyyyyyyyy i can’t believe it cause dat guh is UGLY…..JJ … i LOVE UUUUUU SOOOO MUCH <3<33

  33. i’ll killllllllllllll dat luckyyyyyyyyyy guh +=+

  34. His voice really gives jaejoong!dies!

  35. i love u youngwoong jaejoong plz reply me love u love u love u muwha

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