Posted by: gomdorii | October 15, 2008

F.T. Island – Heaven (Part 1 + 2) + 너를 사랑해 (I Love You) M/V (Eng. Sub)

It’s out.

I like Heaven but i don’t know how I feel about I Love You. >_>;
It didn’t match the basketball scene… at all…

With the makeup and their outfits…
I Love You is way too cheerful for that…

Jaejin ah~~ T-T!!!
Why do you have to die like that????????
You didn’t even confess to herrrrr.



  1. Hi! I was wondering if you’ll upload it on a sharing site so that everyone else can DL it~


  2. So are these songs from an extended version of their second album?

  3. i like the second part
    the Noona is so pretty…know she is a movie star but not sure what’s her name is…

    JaeJin is so macho….too bad they dont end up together..

  4. david: these songs are from colorful sensibility part II. so yeah, kinda like extended version of their second album lol

    & i don’t get part I. so the chick dies? cos they lost yeah? so no money for the operation? what kinda messed up mv is that? lol but omg i watched part II & cried wtf jaejin is getting better at acting. oh oh & i totally LOLed at the end of part I when hongki was like, “but i’m underage” lol love it!

    thanks for this ❤

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