Posted by: gomdorii | October 14, 2008

Antique Bakery Trailer (Eng. Sub)

Oh… gosh…

This is going to be epic… really.

Joo Jihoon… Kim Jaewook…

OMG I can see it now… kya~



  1. wow,, thaks for subbing iT!

    finally i can get to understand the railer,,

    waahh kjw was so gay….in the movie.. hehehhe!

  2. Man, I can’t wait.

  3. geh?? KJW!!
    that was some crazy kissing!
    haha gay devil xD
    His always like the perfect guy for a cooking/baking position!
    Can’t wait for it!
    I understand how you feel`~ I too can see it now xD

  4. hahaha cant believe
    this is the first drama where all are guys
    i cant wait for the drama to come out
    think it will be funny hehehe……

    btw Kim Joon Wook is the guy who sang WE got Married theme song?

  5. i always do that to my sister. hahaha!
    i am only playing though, arent gay men cute!
    aint the gay guy from the coffee prince one?

  6. WADADA???

    first off, sounds like coffee prince…

    second… CREAZY KISSING. is he actually gay? o.O not that i have anything against it ^^

    and joojihoon 🙂 *swoons*

  7. jhsgbna,jbv thanks so much for the trailer!! i cant wait for the movie to come out ^o^

  8. what is the name of the song in the tariler?

  9. holy whack!
    this will make fan girls crazy.
    i mean, there’s already guy-guy couple hopefuls within DBSK, SuJu and such…
    so much more now its on screen…
    thanks for the trailer!
    i was wondering what all the caption meant..
    “gay devil”.. omg..

  10. are you going to be subbing it?

  11. Hi!!

    I just find out your fansub by the trailer of this movie. I wondering myself too if your are going to sub it. It really has a nice look 😉

    Lots of thanks for the trailer!!!!

  12. First of all, thank you for all the wonderful subbing work you do. You’re my hero.

    Second, and I know a couple of ppl have already asked, but are you subbing it? I’d really like to know. If not, do you know anyone who is?

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