Posted by: gomdorii | October 14, 2008

About Heechul + Hongki Daddy

I think I read somewhere that they are going to make this show a permanent show??
Does anybody know if it’s true??

If it is, I might continue subbing it.

Oh other news… I’ve been mostly updating my news page with star related news.
But I’m guessing people want more subbed videos than that right???

Is there anything in particular that anybody wants me to focus on?

Like someone showed me a bunch of Park Minyoung CFs which I was like ‘AH cute! Will sub~!’
Thus why you see like 10 Park Minyoung CFs on my youtube page.

Here is one:



  1. wow, it will be great if it become a permanent show…

  2. Yeah, SBS has picked up the show & Heechul begun filming! (Well today sometime…Oct. 14.)
    Here;s a link:
    Can’t wait for ti to start airing~ 😀

  3. I heard they would broadcoast on 1st November, but not sure.
    Thx for the subs BTW^^!! Laughed my ass off again!!!

  4. Thank thank thank you for subbing this new show!

  5. hi! love your subs! thanks! um..i was wondering if you can sub star golden bell the chuseok special..plz! if you can thanks in advance! love you! 😀

  6. i’m totally agree you wanted to sub this if they make this show a permanent one…live hongki so much…

  7. I think its a permanent show based on the news!
    It would be great if you sub it!

  8. it would be wonderful if you can sub the coming up episodes of this show! thanks so much! =)

    i love korean variety shows and it would be great to watch more of them with subs… i know it’s quite difficult with the tv stations banning the uploaders… thanks so much for not giving up!

  9. it’s been confirmed that it’ll be a permanent show! ^^ hopefully you will continue to sub it. i know subbing takes a lot of work and i wish i could help if i understood korean T_T. as a focus? hmms anything super junior! ^^ we both love them dont we ? keke

  10. if it comes out and becomes a permanmant show please sub it (:

  11. can u sub the unbeliaveable outing with suju?? thers’s only 6episode that hve eng sub n im dying to watch the others episode. pls3x.


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