Posted by: gomdorii | September 19, 2008

DBSK – Mirotic Preview (Eng. Sub)

I think it’s coming out soon. What I heard of the song is pretty good.
But of course, it’s typical DBSK – SM music so… yes…
We will hear it again and again until we love it (like with every other SM song)

Personal comment time~

Is it just me but does Micky look so much like Teukie here??
That’s just my major OMFG WTF for this m/v so far.
And is it just me or is Japan messing them up?
They look WAY TOO skinny, boney. And their muscles -_- It looks so awkward.

Another thing, the lyrics… WTF.
You’re my slave? I was like >_>; They did NOT just say that.

I played it over SO many times.
But no… they said that we are their slaves. I feel like this is turning into something Britney Spears like… except they are the sexy “gods” we must worship, which kind of technically is true… cause you know they ARE The Rising Gods of the East (heh… XD) and are so amazing. But blatantly saying it outloud?;; I dunno about that…



  1. …..

    Would it be bad of me to say that I don’t mind being their slave haha???


    Anyways it’s nice to know what I’ve been singing along to. Thanks alot. <33

  2. A little arrogant for my taste but I’m sure the fangirls don’t mind.

  3. I don’t think it’s arrogant because it’s just a song. All pop artists have to sing the lyrics written for them, it’s rare that they get to write and say only what they want. Lots of songs talk about how the girl is so hot (like… So Hot lol) or how the guy is so hot; it’s standard pop fare. The one thing I did find odd though, was the backwards meaning. It should be “I got you under my thumb” or “You got me under your skin/I’m under your skin” because the lyrics don’t match up otherwise. If he’s talking about how hot he is and how the girl wants him, then it sounds like he is under HER skin, getting to her, not the other way around. lmao OH WELLS, ANYWAY, DBSK kicks butt and I know they’re gonna do well! Thanks for subbing and posting, you kick equal amounts of butt haha

  4. damn i wish they came back with a STRONGER song, like purple line and better. but even if they came back, i still want BIG BANG to be number 1, BIG BANG IS VIP.

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