Posted by: gomdorii | September 15, 2008

Shindong + Donghae – Pong Pong Pong Dance (Eng. Sub)

A bit old…

But I still think it’s funny 😀



  1. hahaha.thanx 4 sharing..
    i l0ve how donghae innocent face said that takuya kimura might not recognize him..
    totally fishy..^^

  2. I love it..thanks for shared….but can i know what the name of this program?

  3. hahaha.itz hilarious:}.thnks 4 sharing.nnnn yea wats da name 4 dis program?well @ least i noe dat itz sumthing related 2 hallyu wave…^_^

  4. haha, I remember I’ve seen this before, but with out subs and i just understood 돼지 and then shindong pointing at hod ong made me laugh, but subs it’s more hilarious. XD thanks a lot~~

  5. …thanks for this subbed version…very funny indeed!

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